pantsmail - 5:48 pm - Friday,August 16, 2002


date : 5:48 pm - Friday,August 16, 2002

from : mrp

subject : PANTSMAIL 22: Travolta


My local library is "weeding" its collection. That's library lingo for, "getting rid of books." And yesterday, for 25 cents, I purchased a biography of John Travolta, "Travolta: the Life" by Nigel Andrews.

I hope Mr. Andrews didn't feel even the tiniest bit grandiloquent or self-conscious when he named his John Travolta book, "The Life."

Here is the third-to-last sentence from that book:

"And like the movies themselves, John Travolta's essence just stays around, waiting to be threaded into the next generation, projected onto the dreamwall."

Have you ever thought about John Travolta's essence before? It's pretty neat. Because, like celluloid, his essence stays around. And also you can thread it, but, unlike film, you don't thread it into a projector. No, you thread it into a generation, which acts as a projector and projects John Travolta's essence onto the dreamwall.

What if your dreamwall wasn't working and so John Travolta's essence got projected onto something else entirely--like your cat. Or a pumpkin. Or your leg? And then if John Travolta's essence was on your leg and you didn't notice, you might go out of the house like that and people would be staring at your leg and you'd have no idea why until you looked down and saw John Travolta's essence smiling up at you, with it's deep blue eyes, delivering a Barbarino-style, "What?"

Then what?

I'll tell you what. You'd better run home and get that dreamwall fixed! That's what.

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Also, I just wanted to send a quick follow-up to the last Pantsmail. A handful of people didn't get the last one because the server had identity issues which caused some of the more vigilant spam-catching software to reject the last Pantsmail.

So I'm sending this just so no one feels left out. I would feel bad if someone didn't receive Pantsmail 021 who wanted to receive it--just like I feel bad now sending a second Pantsmail to those of you who already did receive it. But I don't feel too bad because this Pantsmail also includes important John Travolta information.

Anyway, the basic gist (or essence!) of that last Pantsmail is this--you are invited to check out the advanced preview of the misterpants/01 redesign, here:

In a day or two, it will disappear and then reappear in the normal place (

And I promise there will be no more redesign-related hype.

Thank you.