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06.14.00 Manhattan ad creep
interesting documentation of enormous Manhattan billboards from Stay Free! magazine. Stay Free! is in fact very good and interesting media crit and has nothing to do with feminine hygiene or survivalists.

(Do I have to make some kind of self-deprecating dig for using the phrase 'media crit' or can i just let it go? Hmm, maybe just a parenthetical question acknowledging the problematic word, followed by a self-referential sentence about said question.)

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new form of graffiti made by super-soakers filled with paint. with lots of academic precedent and analysis.

vandalism, an old favorite with a new twist.

anyone reading this who's working on an ad campaign for vandalism, feel free to use that as a tagline. here are some more.

this next one is very 'urban' and 'now':
vandalism. keepin' it real on the streets. yo.

vandalism. spray it.

vandalism. leave your mark.

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mr. friendly
and you thought mr. friendly was just your own private euphemism. nope. turns out he's a real guy.

or something.

(don't miss the mr. friendly flight bag. very cool.) found one link away from funky afro, a brilliant gmt+9 find.
salsa set
the supermarket near my work is selling a special "Salsa Set." maybe they have trouble selling salsa here because people don't know how to use it. so, i guess, Kagome decided to bundle it with standard salsa stuff to educate the consumer.

at this point, i should mention that corn chips are a pretty rare find here--as is most Mexican fare. so... that being the case, what do you put salsa on?

turns out the answer is: saltines.

the salsa set box contains Kagome brand salsa and six saltines. (seriously, six whole saltines! typical tiny Japanese portion. but you want more than that don't you? of course you do, you great big over-eating gaijin fatty.)

on the side of the box are pictures of saltines with what looks like cream cheese and salsa.

oh! i didn't even notice this before. it also comes bundled with a pamphlet entitled, "Salsa de Healthy Dipping" where it shows all the different things you can do with salsa, like "Salsa on Egg" and "Salsa on Meat" or put it on toast for a "Salsa de Healthy Morning".

great incorrect use of the Spanish preposition, de.

great incorrect use of salsa itself.

Viva Japan.

06.13.00 Dave Wilton's Etymology page
lotsa etymological goodies.

hello, yankee dope nerd.

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classic craziness, of the astrological variety: "The new orientation in time of the NOW AGE."

everyone better get ready for May 5, 2000. Some big stuff is going to go down for sure.

bonus 1: scroll down to the bottom of the english index to see a bizarre and irrelevant donkey picture.

"Is this the same donkey like 2000 years ago at Christ's birth?"

bonus 2: surreal calendarist/armageddon jokes and cartoons.

a few examples from "The Top 10? calendarist pickup lines:"
  • #8: You wobble my world.
  • #0: Can I show you my Exiguus?
  • #-9: Oh! I love your little (exiguus) water - pipe! (sorry! -bearer)
interesting, because a) the list starts at 10 and goes into negative numbers, and because b) (one assumes) they make sense to someone.

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your ad here: brain-saver
speaking of crazy, the latest 'your ad here' has a good write-up of a pretty great-sounding ad currently on a new york window: "Protect Your Brain From Tumors With Brain-Saver(tm)."

so read that and, if you haven't already, read the 'your ad here' back issues.

all of them!


go on, git!
yahoo knows where i'm coming from
i've noticed that the american yahoo site is one of the few websites that pays attention to the fact that i'm coming from a .jp domain. it serves up japanese yahoo promo banners (which are pretty awesome):

06.12.00 John Snow's cholera map
Well-drawn map stops cholera epidemic. Wicked good epidemiologist, John Snow, proved his theory about the transmission of cholera and stopped London's 1854 epidemic with a combination of well-thought-out epidemiology and good information design. Woo. The map here shows cases of cholera centered around a contaminated water pump.

UCLA's Department of Epidemiology has cool huge scans of his actual map. bad ass.

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the latest news about kwaito--dance music specific to south africa that blends a slowed-down house beat with traditional South African music. on this site, you can dig around and sample some songs but "a RealAudio G2 Playa iyandingeka."

also you can get your intro to kwaito, here.

and maybe check out Bongo Maffin--big name in Kwaito, apparently.

put your finger on the pulse of Johannesburg.

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minidisc tips and tricks
i like that they didn't bother to separate the useful tips from the crazy-ass ones.
energy drink: liquid nicotine
i tried this weird little japanese energy drink this weekend. (i forget the name--something "D".) I hadn't been too into checking them out because i've mostly only seen sketchy old men drinking them.

but i was sleepy, so i went ahead and bought one. it's clear liquid, kind of thick, comes in a tiny bottle, tastes just like cough syrup. i'd almost finished it when i started translating the katakana ingredients. the only two i could understand were "caffeine" and "nicotine." So it's basically a liquid cigarette plus caffeine. maybe old men buy them just because they can't smoke on the train.

i think it drained more energy than it provided. and gave me a woozy un-fun head rush.

still, it's nice to know that you can smoke a cigarette and then wash it down with a nice healthy bottle of cough-syrup-flavored liquid nicotine.

06.10.00 So You've Decided to be Evil

06.07.00 interview with Jack Hill
"...She was into vampires, and the original movie had nothing at all to do with vampires - just a psychopathic killer type of story, and she turned it into a vampire movie, which I thought just totally ruined it."

60s/70s exploitation flick director--Hill's credited for discovering Pam Grier. and Quentin Tarantino cites him as a pretty major influence.

here are quicktime movies of the trailer and some stills from his film, Switchblade Sisters--which all these people didn't care for (Ebert, stomptokyo, Mr. Cranky) but i loved. it's a stiffly-acted exploitation flick full of bizarre violence, but worth checking out for the roller rink fight scene alone.

06.06.00 Bayer. The Genocide Experts.
brief Slate piece about a new weird brand extension for Bayer. (not weird that they're making insecticides, but weird that the Bayer brand figures prominently on them in the US.) and weird cartoon genocide ad promoting it, tying it in neatly with Bayer's alleged involvement with the Third Reich. (now you can pretty much skip reading the thing on Slate.)

elsewhere, here's the Bayer song. it's just as cheesey and awful as you'd expect from a song communicating "Bayer's corporate philosophy." but kudos to them for trying. if bad 80s-sounding pop music is how they want to express what they believe, then i say rock on, chemical people.



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Tippy Tupperware
bad idea.

also, here's The Official Tupperware Party Planner. it even has a 1-800 number to call for a "Tupperware Consultant." For a typical party, which happens first, the Tupperware part or the ritual scarification part?

oh! oh! don't miss the Tupperware Success Stories.

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descriptions and ratings of japanese pizza
yummy PIzza Hut Idaho special: potato chunks, bacon, and mayonnaise. etc.

[thanks, rebecca.]

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(The Web's First) Japanese Pizza Page
it's really important to most visitors that this is THE FIRST Japanese Pizza page.

anyway, it's a good page. more crazy toppings.

i mentioned the squid ink pizza to a Japanese friend who agreed that it was strange and had never heard of it before.

[again thanks, rebecca blood. i saw this site a little while ago and then couldn't find it again and then there it was again. like all good things!]

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the Papa John's story
fund-raising via the sale of a 1972 Z-28 Camaro.

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[oh weird. i just had these whirlyball links i was about to post and just now someone put a totally different whirlyball link on memepool. odd.]

whirlyball pictures.

and "When whirlyball's involved, a party just might break out." It's The Premier Sport of a New Age.

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live. japanese rap. "I'm Still No.1" is fun-ish. We're Chee's
both from Fuji-TV's Factory.

hitler mustache
06.03.00 POP! The first human male pregnancy
good old-fashioned yucky male pregnancy hoax art.

[thanks, scumdaddy.]
new artifact: an ad featuring dogs in tracksuits. from "ne ne" magazine--a magazine for infants. ("ne ne" is Japanese baby talk for sleep.)
correction: scissors found under floppy disks--not stolen
oh, i was cleaning out my desk to move to a new office and i found my scissors.

apologies to everyone who unjustly found themselves on the receiving end of mean looks from me. you understand, though, right? i mean, those 6 months without scissors were really rough.
06.02.00 video of bank employees talking about art
pretty great. from first bank system: art for change, an art project that sounds interesting.

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surprise drug search
from a pretty entertaining diaryland diary of a funny antisocial high school student. in this entry, his civil rights are violated by a drug search--interesting first-hand account of stuff that i didn't know went on in America's prisons high schools.

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pink lady in blue
pretty awesome. so blue. so 1976.

also, Pink Lady: PURE PARTY. plus space suits or space bathing suits?

amsterdam airport urinals
they're like little bowls mounted in the wall at an angle. i was so surprised. it's like peeing into a fishbowl, i said aloud. laughing to myself. AND I LOVE PEEING IN FISHBOWLS!