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02.22.00 vulvacious vulva comforter
the finest in enormous genitalia home furnishings.

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star trek wedding
this picture is so great.

also here's a DIY star trek wedding. (also notable: the site hosting this one "is a home based business specializing in world wide web home pages and wooden kitchen utensils...")

i linked to another star trek wedding site a long time ago, but it's gone now. sad.

02.19.00 Have Your Wedding at Ponderosa Ranch
"Ponderosa Ranch Weddings are extremely affordable!"

bonus link: whoa there, pard'ner!

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is back online and giving me javascript errors.

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pictures of slurpees and people enjoying them
and this guy enjoys them maybe too much. he bought his own machine. now he can chug those 32-ounce monsters like 6 times a day. mmmmmmm, yeah. drinking it from the tap. taking slurpee baths. all that.

another slurpee fan site: Larrissa and friends enjoying slurpees.

[from fuzzywuzzy.]

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Legion of Super-Heroes® Costumes
super people in super hero costumes.

saturngirl also has some other good Legion of Super-Heroes® stuff.

[another fuzzywuzzy find. fuzzywuzzy likes slurpees and hugs.]

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Lee Shapiro, the hugging judge
is not done in Japan--not in public, at least. or rather, it's only done publicly by foreigners who don't know better.

i was at a conference about 2 months after i got here and there were a handful of non-japanese attendees. one guy, an italian, caught a really bad cold and throughout the third day of the conference he kept blowing his nose. and i hadn't even realized i'd internalized the nose-blowing taboo, but every time i heard him do it, i would cringe and feel really embarassed for the guy.

a friend who was there commented that it was as if someone in the back of the room was farting really loudly at five-minute intervals.

02.18.00 every article David Sedaris has written for Esquire

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ladylynn's hugs
i was just starting work on my idea for a new hugs section of misterpants, then i found ladylynn's hugs pages and i got all depressed. i said to myself, "well, i'll be hornswaggled if ladylynn hasn't already cornered the internet hug market."

so typical. all the billion dollar pre-IPO internet ideas are already played out.

but then i cheered up because there's gonna be room for more than one player in the booming internet hugs market. misterpants' hugs can maybe focus on niche hugs that aren't cost-effective for a bigtime hugger like ladylynn.

here's a hug for friends featuring rumpy the hippopotamus. Rumpy makes me feel funny.

also here's a manly hug for buddies.

too many good hugs here.
i just realized last night that i haven't seen any sitcoms on japanese tv. not any japanese sitcoms anyway--Sabrina Teen Witch is one day a week at midnight or something. I'm not gonna count that.

oh, plus Ally McBeal, which i don't really know what category that show falls under. It's HUGE here though. And via Ally McBeal, that dancing baby was all over the place when I arrived 6 months ago. The baby thankfully dropped off radar almost immediately and now discount dancing baby paraphenelia can only occasionally be found at Japan's finer useless crap stores.

02.16.00 japanese proverbs
i found these by searching for "scrunching up your buttocks."

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Quicktime station IDs for Vibe
Vibe's a music channel in Japan.

i especially like 4 and 6.

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White Supremacist Takes Law License Fight to D.C.
Illinois won't give him a license to practice law just because he's working towards the "deportation of all 'mud races' from American soil."
some Japanese sayings from a book of Japanese sayings
The child of a frog is a frog.

It's no use trying to bite your navel.

Those who depart are forgotten day by day

The reverse side has a reverse side.

There's no use scrunching up your buttocks after a fart.

[from Chisato]

02.15.00 weezerhawk vs AbercrombieJ
I vote for IM transcripts to replace prank phone calls. this one's like a double-prank. AbercrombieJ pretends to be gullible while weezerhawk thinks he's stringing him along.

i'd say more but i think King is watching.

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RARE Authenticated Computer Art from 1971
whimsical ebay auction? or art? or whimsical ebay auction as art? who can tell anymore?

[from kalx.]

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valentine's day, japan-style
brief description. i was going to describe it myself, but then i found this link, so now i don't have to.

also, white day is March 14. it used to be called Marshmallow Day.

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photos of japan's super-toilets
you've heard the stories. you've read the articles. here are the photos, stock photos, 3-year-old stock photos. but still, you get to see the control panel.
more crazy toilet stuff
i went to a concert the other night and the bathroom in the club was really nice--spotless, in fact. and the urinals were Toto brand--Toto has a stranglehold on the Asian toilet market, it seems. and no one's complaining because Toto's toilets rock the house. ha. okay.

anyway, back to the urinal at the club... The model name of this Toto toilet was Delicia.

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and even more
There's an ad on TV right now that's kind of a "mirror, mirror on the wall" scenario except that instead of a face in a mirror, the face appears in a toilet lid (which is up). It's a woman and she speaks from the toilet's point of view about a product you can use to keep her (the toilet) clean. It's alarming on many levels.

02.13.00 Legal Tactic Chills Debate, Activists Say
scary article on how some companies stifle criticism nowadays: ruin activists' lives with frivolous litigation. used to be companies would sue large organizations--but now, being smart bullies, they've learned to single out individuals and small organizations for easier legal pummeling.

[from Chisato who now has a website that only has one page but on that page is an awesome photo of Mt. Fuji.]

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cute stuff. i like melty and also melty's pita because that's where i found out about naho which i also like a lot. and it's also cute.

then the other day also from melty's pita i saw lubyloo's diaryland diary and guess what... it's cute too. in fact, i'd even say that it's the same flavor of cute as melty and naho. AND she has a drawing for almost every entry which impresses me and also makes me green. yes, green. green--with envy, that is.

(it's 3 AM. watch, i'll bet when i read this tomorrow i'll delete those last 3 sentences about being green with envy because they're so dumb.)

okay, one more thing about melty--everyone probably already knows about melty's draggable pals. i think i remember seeing them mentioned a bunch of other places.

02.12.00 more shirts from cozygen
missed these yesterday. these are the long-sleeve Ts. also weird.

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Blue Snow Ball Badge Shop
express yourself with a pin that says "dental clinic" or "chihuahua in my pocket" or something else equally odd.

[linked off of cozygen's site. finder's credit: Andrew.]

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Next 'Star Wars' Aims to Avoid Racial Stereotypes
memo to Lucasfilm: the "spiritual" Native American and the Asian who's "trained in martial arts"... um, those are also racial stereotypes.

[link courtesy Jpeg's buddy, Lisa.]

02.11.00 confirmed and unconfirmed angel encounters
angels leave exact change, ask not to be beaten with an iron rod, leave a coat hanger on the side of the road, impersonate a police officer, and interrupt the regularly-scheduled broadcast of Sesame Street--all to impress upon us that the lord is coming very very soon.

bonus link: clip art angel child in floppy acid-washed denim hat and overalls. even for angelbabies, double-denim is a fashion-don't.

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puffy doll on ebay

[from wiremommy.]

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cozygen red labels shop
Japanese t-shirts. Some cool. Some crazy. Favorites include:

02.07.00 paulmart
really sharp cartoony portfolio site with long waits and enormous satisfying buttons. click. ahhhh. click. ahhhh.

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The Meguro Parasitological Museum
On weekend many visitors, not only parasite-lovers but 'lovers', come and watch charming and pretty parasites.

02.06.00 video clips from 70s TV
so great. includes Sammy Davis, Jr. for Alka Seltzer. a treat.

from Deet's 70s page which has a bunch more 70s stuff, mostly audio files, like this radio ad for a discotheque where you can "boogie," a ton of Zoom samples and even the theme to Big John, Little John. in the 70s, a TV theme song could be a full one-minute long and could explain the show's entire premise in detail.

[via Attack Force D's sister's pita, bobinrob. She's an American living in New Zealand, so she gets excited about things like locating Bisquick--to which I can totally relate. (I was all excited about finding Old El Paso Salsa here, which I would probably only consider buying in San Francisco if there was some kind of unimaginable salsa crisis.)]

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Big John, Little John

02.05.00 Quicktime movies of 88-year-old Oma rocking it on MTV Deutschland
according to Babelfish:
It is glaringly cool, it is the music authority absolutely and it is 88 years old: the MTV granny lives in the citizen of Berlin old people's home... 24 hours, 7 days the week MTV rockt. Sometimes she gets attendance of the Zivi male nurse Ruediger and Opa Bonikowski, which is totally sharp on granny. The two have however no plan and let granny them also feel. There is evenly only large loving, and MTV is called.

4 spots to download at present. They say they're adding "all GRANNY Spots" in weeks ahead.