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02.04.00 Hanaco with Puffy Mother
Puffy video from last August featuring bumblebee costumes!

(By the way, the guy dancing like a crazyman in the background is one of the men who had his nostrils pulled by Evian bottles attached to cables. He and the woman singing are both on Japanese TV a lot.)

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"a cat ladybug."

also, please enjoy taxi and musi.

and you know what? i think pretty much every single page of both of these Nekonoko sites is worth visiting, so here are both of the indexes: here and here.

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championship of the rabbits

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Charlton The Man! What are you thoughts? [sic!]
if you're completely insane, this is a good place to post your messages to Charlton Heston. also convenient if you were ripped off by the sleazy bible infommercial charlatans that he shills for.

This one's brilliant:

Unusual Meats

We had some venison sent to us for this season from relatives in the Badger state.It made a change from turkey,not that we are not fond of old Tom Gobbler.

We thought it might be fun and interesting to try a different "Unusual Meat" during different holidays...for example: instead of the traditional easter duck we enjoy in my family we thought WHY NOT COOK A GOAT ? Because culinarily wise a change IS as good as a rest! But be rest endangered species on this families sideboard!

I bet Mr.Heston has tried all sorts of meats in his travels and we would love a few suggestions.

[Thanks, Emjaybee.]
a few more movie titles
i know no one cares about this, but I finally succeeded in finding an episode of Columbo with subtitles (instead of dubbed, because if it's dubbed into Japanese I can't understand it, natch). Anyway, it was goooood, brother.

You, yourself, can probably watch all the Columbo you want, anytime you want, so I want you to think long and hard about how privileged you are in that respect.

While i was at the video store, i noticed these:
English titleJapanese title
Scrooged3 Ghosts
Dumb and DumberMr. Dumb

02.03.00 creepy little award-winning pomeranians

[From Johnny.]

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cool, fun dhtml blocks from some dhtml smartypants.

[thanks, Stephanie.]

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more cool dhtml from the same people as above. plus free fonts. (crashed my mac--not that that's hard to do. mac and netscape are the dumb and dumber of memory management.... nerdy joke, yes.)

[again, thanks, Stephanie.]

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Japanese cat toilet site
what makes this site even better (better than cats using the toilet!?!?) is that it uses some cool animated gifs of robots! more robots! and puppies!

let's meet
For some reason, i was practicing japanese out loud in a train station restroom. That makes it sound like I'm insane, but it's more like I was trying to remember how to say stuff and just happened to say it out loud. (and also i just happened to be in a train station restroom--it's not like i went there for the purpose of practicing Japanese.)

and it was like that tv/movie cliche where the character thinks they're alone but then they hear feet shuffling in the stall.

it probably would have been better if i'd just been muttering to myself in English. Because as it was, after i heard the feet, i realized what i was saying in japanese was the phrase, "let's meet."

ha, oops. but my suggestion to you, is to try this on your own in english (or your native tongue). maybe you'll make a friend. there's no law against making friends in public restrooms.

02.01.00 rational danger girl

Hey! She's sealed and stamped that envelope without putting the address on! Spell carefully Danger Girl, you don't want to make a typo to the tune of 32 cents!

from within the pages of campzine. slick and professional funniness, from off-duty professionally funny people.

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searchable kool aid packets photo archive
i like that this is useful to someone.

also, you may be interested to learn that there is such a thing as kool aid fan fiction, although you probably won't be interested in actually reading it.

also, from the enormous kool aid faq, here are French vs English kool aid names:

Pink SwimmingoFlambant Rose
Purplesaurus RexMauvoSaurus Rex
Rock-a-dile RedRock-o-dile Rouge
Sharkleberry FinRequin' Drole

[thanks, leslie.]

01.31.00 Nori: the original Nasal Passage Cleaner
also, here's the german version.

[via Cruel Site of the Day, which i've seen buttons for them all over, but i guess i've never actually looked at the site before. maybe i'll start now.]

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international newsweek has this great sinister Uncle Sam illustration
ha ha, take that, USA! the rest of the world is talking about you behind your back. even the international versions of your american-owned magazines, as soon as they get out of your eyesite, they can't wait to say something bad about you.

no sign of this illustration or the accompanying article in the american version, by the way.

also, the print issue of this week's newsweek has a photo of a fat cowboy with his belly hanging out in an american flag tshirt, with the headline, "Honk if you hate America."

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Parenting Tip of the Week: Potty Training Power Struggles
from "Jan Faull, parent educator and author of 'Mommy! I Have to Go Potty!'"

cracked me up, but probably it's good advice and i'm just immature.

01.29.00 Daily Telegraph: Galliano's hobo-chic 'insults the homeless'
Non, non, Mssrs. Galliano et Dior, you hoity-toity fashion-designers, no one could possibly say that you are mocking other peoples' misery. Bîen sur, it is trés tasteful and respectful to make high-fashion vêtements based on what homeless people wear.

(ugh. okay. i'll stop with the french. man, i'm embarassed for me.)
eating bugs on tv
right now on tv, people are cooking and eating bugs, worms, and seahorses and pretty much any nasty potentially-edible thing they can think of. (in case maybe someone reading doesn't know, I should mention that bugs and worms aren't usually a part of the Japanese diet.)

in general, there's a lot more eating on Japanese TV than on American TV. Sometimes it's just celebrities eating something and saying, "mmm, mmm, oishii!" between bites. But eating nasty stuff is a pretty common theme too.

Three aspects of Japanese culture that i think lead to this stuff on TV:
  1. People are big on food here. (And they should be--Japanese food is awesome.)
  2. Most Japanese people seem to be pretty into trying new things.
  3. Japanese TV totally abuses its celebrities and hosts.

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some other things that i've noticed are on japanese tv more frequently than american tv
  • monkeys
  • violence
  • enormous comedic wigs
  • cross-dressing
the trick is to combine all 4.

01.28.00 Orvotron
weird new-agey pyramid house. cool that they have lots of pictures, like this picture of the "main power rod" and this one of the "crystal ball."

plus, the host site, has a HUGE archive of "Strange & Unusual" files--both pictures and text files. like this first one, for instance, filed under Aliens, Abduction, Implants, Pictures.

(the weird thing about this "Ovotron" entry and the "Picnic table Pyramid" one right below is that neither is the result of a search for "pyramid." mystical pyramid energy just BROUGHT BOTH OF THEM TO ME TODAY!!!!!)

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picnic table pyramid
boys jus' bein' boys, building picnic table pyramids as boys will do.

[this is via Linked, a Dutch weblog i'd never seen before that links to mostly Dutch articles, and which lives within the handsome (but Dutch), "een e-magazine over jezelf."]

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Manifesto on Human Scent
mostly noted for the title. short quasi-hippie pro-smell rant. free your mind and B.O. will follow.

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snapshot of schoolkids in front of pickled dead body
warning: kind of gross, like about as gross as it sounds from the description. but also interesting the way people stand and pose exactly the same way for a photo in front of ANYTHING: riot police, overturned truck, pickled body. "say cheese."

it's kind of like a real life Gary Larson cartoon.

[this is one link off of a january 24th strange brew find. viva strange brew.]

01.27.00 NYT: eToys drops Lawsuit against artist group
some japanese band names
mostly just the bands who are playing next month at the Metro in Kyoto plus a couple i just happened to remember.

  • Meeting People (playing with Sexy Bus Stop)
  • Apple Monster
  • Hot Spice (on their Funky Power Tour)
  • Shoebit (formerly In the Soup)
  • The Stripper Kings
  • Soul Hookers
  • Fire Socks Drug Man
  • Laughin' Nose
  • Bathtub Shitter

01.26.00 wired news: victory for etoy is at hand
power to the people.

also, here are some quotes from the RTMark mass-email about it:

"'eToys will try to paint this as a misunderstanding, as just a simple error that has now been corrected,' wrote etoy in a prepared statement. 'But this is not what happened. They tried to destroy us, and that got them into very big trouble. They wanted to drop their case 'with prejudice,' because they fear further attacks and trademark battles, but now they see they have no choice at all in the matter. It is a total victory.'..."

and here's lawyer and RTMark member Rita Mae Rakoczi summoning harsh irony:

"'If eToys stumbled into this through sheer stupidity and negligence,' Rakoczi continued, 'it could be liable to investors for part of the $4 billion in value that's been lost as a consequence. A successful lawsuit could even entail eToys losing its own trademark, which would likely mean the end of the company.' RTMark has set up a page containing links to resources on class action lawsuits against corporate managements...."

01.25.00 Apocolypse 3
I can hear you saying, oh boy, Howie Mandell in a dramatic film role. But that's not even the best part--this film is from the much-beloved, Jack and Rexella van Impe Ministries. In addition to Mr. Mandell, it also stars Gary Busey, and Margot Kidder.

Gary Busey used to do any old crappy movie, but I guess now he only stars in crappy Christian movies.

(oh yeah, i rambled on a bunch about the Van Impes, a while back.)

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really really nice Flash art site. Classy black-and-white browser-tweaking funky animation trip-out fest.

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horse-drawn hearse
With its Ostrich feather plumes and plush velvet interior, this is the ultimate vehicle for the goth-about-town. from Justin Carriage Works at

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Rod Roddy
weird. Rod Roddy is the official ambassador of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

cities have ambassadors?
another movie title
this one's so awesome.

US titleJapanese title
PeckerI Love Pecker