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12.30.04    Life's Greatest Trip
"Naturally Stoned on Jesus"
"Life's Greatest Trip" by Arthur Blessitt
Take a groovy ride with Arthur Blessitt. His poems and stories will hip you to the psychedelic, mind-altering properties of Jesus Christ, man.

And this is, like, far-out too: "During the 1960's Arthur Blessitt had a Jesus coffee house called "His Place" on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California."

But that's all in Arthur Blessitt's past. In the present, he's walking around the world with a giant wooden cross.

And what does the future hold for Arthur Blessitt? Two words, my friend:


Oh wait. That's three words.

[Thanks, Jessica] the miller five (sometimes six)
This, like the Life's Greatest Trip link, comes from PlanetDan. The Mary Jane Girls vs. Vanity 6
This musical battle deserves so much more than a mere Tripod page.

Here's a bonus Vanity factoid to put in your brainbone: in the early '90s, Vanity (now Evangelist Denise Matthews) became a born-again Christian and left the secular entertainment world for gospel music and Christian speaking gigs. Nethilia's collection of Baby Face dolls
Cutescary. Scarycute? Cu-ary? Scar-ute? Cary? Scute?

For maximum impact, go straight to the individual shots where "Laura blows you kissys!"

[Thanks again, Jessica] deadmalls.com
The features about dead malls are surprisingly interesting, especially those with photos.

This is a good place to start your research if you're writing a musical about the rise and fall of a mall -- probably more helpful for the closing number, "Going Out of Business Sale" than the opening song, "(Have You Heard) A Mall is Coming."

In your musical, I think the mall is a metaphor for the American dream. "American Dream" could even be the name of the mall but that's probably too on-the-nose. Maybe something like "Eagle Spirit Mall" or "New Hope Mall." Satan's Laundromat
Excellent NY-based photo-weblog. Please, don't make me say "photoblog."

You will like Imitation chicken: presidents and Imitation chicken: states. Balloon Man
"SharpeWorld presents a CD of newly unearthed early 70s recordings by cable access cult hero Bill Morrison. "

For sale: CDs of 40 one-minute monologues recorded in 1971. Should be filed under 'humor' but cross-indexed with 'crazy rants.'

Also, look at the Balloon Man gallery and read the Balloon Man articles kindly provided to you by the Sharpeworld staff. Harmon Leon: Onward Christian Ex-Gays
I'm not sure about the ethics of infiltrating a support group, but it's done now, so there it is. And it's pretty funny in several parts, so maybe that makes it okay.

The Christian ex-gays presented here are pretty sad. The Christian anti-gay crusaders are of course infuriating and a little bit sad but also funny.

You remember Harmon Leon, yes?

[Thanks, Zinger.]
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Today I saw a chubby child being chased up the street by a dachshund. Something about the scene reminded me of you.