Napa Valley
The best thing about spending the day in Napa is that now I have an opinion about it.

i don't like Napa.
how do you tell the difference between a chicken and a rooster? the comb? the tail? both? neither? do you simply check for a rooster penis? if you know, clue us cityslickers in.
04.17.99 and
a guy wrote me who makes "demos." i'd never heard of demos, but i learned a lot about them here. if you're on a pc, you can download these things that are basically little art applications. and at least the ones i saw were pretty cool. i'm on a mac, but i have access to a pc. i checked some of them out by the group called tpolm and was impressed. and are both good.

the only similar stuff i've seen for the mac is:'s hobo fetor and i/o/d which are both pretty cool as well, especially i/o/d.
People magazine
I have a vague recollection of People magazine from when I was a kid--that it was somehow one of the most vacuous, trashy publications around. But now it doesn't really seem all that trashy, and I don't think it's because the magazine has changed very much. It's just that now there are so many other things that are much trashier.
do you remember the theme song to 'the incredible hulk' tv show? the one starring bill bixby and lou ferigno. you can probably find the theme on the internet--i'm not going to bother looking. it went: "dah dah dah daahhhhh. dah dah dah daaaahhhhhh. duh dah DAH dahhhhhhh dah. dah dah dah dahhhhhhh." something like that.

anyway, when i was like 6 year old or so, i thought that show was really cool and made a point to watch it. and once, i remember my dad making some comment about it as it came on, saying to my mom that it sounded like the theme to a soap opera. which at the time, i didn't know what a soap opera was. and i mis-heard him anyway. i thought he said "soap bopper" that it sounded like the theme to a soap bopper.

i thought that a soap bopper must be a really funny type of tv show. but the theme to the hulk didn't sound like the theme to a funny tv show, more like the theme to a sad tv show--which i guess it was trying to be. (i think the opening credits had bill bixby walking down the highway--the highway of life, alone, staring at the ground, so sad. like all the pictures of clinton during the lewinksy scandal--head down, bottom lip out. dah dah dah daaaaaah.)

anyway, i was all excited about someday getting to see a soap bopper
04.15.99a search for fatman.jpg and fatman.gif in european sites revealed these:I was searching (in vain) for pictures of the Danish Elvis impersonator, Master Fatman.Peruvian pride Post Office
that's pretty cool.

did you know that the Incan empire had an elaborate message delivery system? messengers would run 30-40 miles then hand-off to the next messenger, insuring overnight delivery within 140 miles.
folded xerox on the sidewalk, when opened reveals itself to be someone's blue-jeaned butt.
04.14.99Atari Historical Society
I spent like 2 hours here the other day. Plenty of regular Atari info, as well as Atari products that never made it out of the lab. And the Atari 25th reunion pictures, which are interesting--especially that no one really dressed much nicer than a t-shirt. And as if that's not enough, it's worth visiting just for the flyers and gamebox designs with the beautiful 80s rainbow stripes.

South to the Future store, again
I was told today that although they only sell 8 magazines, they don't consistently carry the same magazines. and they're normal magazines, like "Men's Health" and "People en Español"--not hard-to-find ziney things. Just regular information. also i forgot to mention the sod--there's sod in the front windows. two days ago it looked good. now it looks all dry and near death. (They mow it with scissors.)
Ms. Pac-Man's instructions don't refer to the ghosts as ghosts, but as "monsters."
because it's funny. and because it's where i stole the idea for this page from.
South to the Future store
has so few items for sale which are so beautifully arranged that it looks more like a gallery than a store.

For sale:
  • a push-mower
  • the New York Times
  • cafe du monde coffee (on hay bales)
  • 8 different magazines (on a ladder)
  • books by Ed Anger of the Weekly World News
  • 3 different CDs
  • South to the Future publications, which are packaged in tiny square boxes and vials so that you'd never guess that they're publications in the same way that you'd never guess that their store is a store.

    And that's pretty much it.

STTFs other projects include writing partially true articles for the SF Bay Guardian for no apparent reason.

oh yeah, it's at 21st and Bryant in San Francisco.
Chicken chicken chicken.
Bok bok bok bok bok.
I got an egg problem.
Bok bok bok bok bok.